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There is a large group of Paramounts in a section of their own, unfortunately not 12000s.

Bid what the record is worth to you. If yours is the high bid you win it for that price. Please bid by lot number, label, and label number. The minimum bid is $5.00 unless stated otherwise. I reserve the right to refuse any bid I deem unreasonably low.

Call backs will be available, but only on items for which you have bid $200 or the minimum, whichever is higher. You must indicate on your bid you wish to compete and include full contact information. Raises must be in increments of 10% (or more). You can participate in call backs by email. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to respond to a raise or be eliminated. This is to account for time zone differences and work schedules. It usually takes no more than one day to conclude most call backs.

Grading scale for 78s: N, N-, E++, E+, EE+, E, EE-, E-, E--, V++, V+, nearly V+, VV+, V, VV-, V-, V--, G+, G, G-, F, P. I am now using "nearly V+" to designate records better than VV+ but not quite V+.

My grading is guaranteed. Open your order when it arrives and inspect the records at that time please. Returns must be received by March 15th, 2017. Consignors are paid at that time and refunds are no longer offered.

There is a key to abbreviations used at the bottom of this page.

Shipping charges are reasonable and will be quoted with your invoice. Overseas bidders please indicate customs and insurance preference with bids. Under-declared orders are at your risk. I can't insure for more than I declare.

Mail bids must be received by January 15th, 2018. If bidding by e-mail, please make your header explicitly clear, i.e. "78 Auction #67 BIDS" as I receive many spam messages a day and don't want your bids to get lost.

PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION unless prior arrangements have been made. If you can't pay for your purchases put them on your credit card (via Paypal). Late payment is a great inconvenience. Many of the records are on consignment and consignors expect to be paid in a timely fashion. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, Western Union or Paypal. When using Paypal please add a 2% convenience fee. Alternatively you can send money as a gift (for a much lower fee) and pay the fee at your end. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Asterisk (*) after label number indicates buff (Bluebird), sunrise (Decca), King of them All (King), flag (Columbia), Electrobean (Gennett), scroll (Victor), electric (Paramount, Supertone, Superior, Okeh, Champion, Melotone, Perfect, etc.)

BLUES, R&B 78s
1 Lee Allen Ember 1031 Strolling With Mr. Lee/Boppin' At The Hop mb 50 E-
2 Elton Anderson Vin 1001 Shed So Many Tears/Roll On Train V+
3 Mr. Google Eyes August J. Otis Band Duke 117 O What A Fool/Play The Game E-
4 Baby Face Leroy Trio Parkway 104 Boll Weevil/Red Headed Woman mb 400 now 300 EE-
5 Doc Bagby Okeh 7089 Dumplin's/Sylvia's Callin' mb 25 V+
6 Lavern Baker Atlantic 1104 Still/I Can't Love You Enough E
7 Barbecue Bob Col 14257 Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name/Brown-Skin Gal elec VV+
8 Blue Lu Barker/COW COW DAVENPORT De 7813 Scat Skunk/The Mess Is Here V+
9 Will Batts Voc 02542 Cheatin' Woman/Cadillac Baby rare, mb 3000 now 2000 V+/VV+
10 Jimmy Beasley Modern 996 Little Coquette/Don't Feel Sorry For Me E+
11 Big Bill Chess 1546 Little City Woman/Lonesome tight hc, nearly inaudible VV+
12 Big Bill Romeo 7-08-65 Louise, Louise Blues/Let Me Be Your Winder G
13 Big Bill Voc 05043 Just Wondering/That's All Right, Baby V/V-
14 Big Joe Bb 8864 What Will I Do?/Oh! Red's Twin Brother V
15 Big Walter States 145 Hard-Hearted Woman/Back Home To Mama EE+
16 Sunny Blair RPM 354 Glad To Be Back Home/5 Foot 3 Blues tight 1” hc slt tic 1st 1/2 E-
17 Houston Boines RPM 364 Superintendant Blues/Monkey Motion mb 500 now 350 E+
18 Earl Bostic King 4420 Way Down/Merry Widow Waltz wldj, #ol E
19 Eddie Boyd Chess 1806 I've Been Deceived/I'm A Prisoner V+
20 Jackie Brenston Chess 1458 Rocket “88”/Come Back Where You Belong mb 300 now 200 E/E+
21 Brother Bell Blues & Rhythm 7002 If You Feel Froggish/Whole Heap Of Mamma Ike pno, Kizart gtr, Johnny O'Neal vcl mb 200 now 125 EE+
22 Clarence Gatemouth Brown Peacock 1619 Please Tell Me Baby/Gate Walks To Board E+
23 Dusty Brown Bandera 2503 Well, You Know/Please Don't Go V
24 Dusty Brown Parrot 820 Yes She's Gone/He Don't Love You mb 50 E
25 Roy Brown King 4627 Gamblin' Man/Mr. Hound Dog's In Town vinyl E
26 Ruth Brown Atlantic 993 Wild Wild Young Men/Mend Your Ways V+
27 Joe Buckner/TOMMY DEAN'S ORCH Vee-Jay 172 One More Mile/STRAIGHT AND READY instr B E
28 Joe Bussard Tompkins Square 71136 Guitar Rag/Screwdriver Slide N-
29 Butterbeans & Susie Okeh 8163 Construction Gang/A To Z Blues V
30 Cannon's Jug Stompers Vic 21267* Minglewood Blues/Madison Street Rag mb 200 V
31 Wynona Carr Specialty 589 Should I Ever Love Again?/Till The Well Runs Dry V++
32 Bo Carter Bb 6659* All Around Man-Part 2/Doubled Up In A Knot sld mb 200 E-
33 Emmet Carter Emmet Carter no # Radison's Alley/Cherry VV+
34 Casey Bill Voc 03592 No Good Woman/I'll Get A Break Someday slight 1/4” hc, scrs tic, pop here & there, mb 200 V+
35 Chatman Brothers Bb 7167 Radio Blues/Old Grey Mule, You Ain't What You Used To Be sld VV+
36 Clifton Chenier Argo 5262 The Big Wheel/Where Can My Baby Me? plays much better V-
37 Count Basie Okeh 6330 Let Me See/Basie Boogie wldj E+
38 Cousin Joe Gotham 501 You Ain't So Such A Much/Little Eva VV+
39 Crayton Trio Gruvtone 217 Don't Ever Fall In Love/Pee Wee's Special VV-
40 Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup RCA 20-3140 That's Why I'm Lonesome/Just Like A Spider EE+
41 Dallas Jug Band Varsity 6025 You Gotta Have That Thing/Bottle It Up And Go Will Shade, Vol Stevens, etc, very rare, mb 600 now 400 EE+
42 Jed Davenport /Beale Street Jug Band Voc 1478 Beale Street Breakdown/The Dirty Dozen instrs, mb 500 V
43 Jed Davenport /Beale Street Jug Band Voc 1504 Piccolo Blues/Jug Blues G
44 Cow Cow Davenport And Iva Smith Champion 16038* Now She Gives It Away/That's The Kind Of Girl I'm Looking For bite 1” in glued back, tracks! w/ double click V+
45 Walter Davis Bb 6410* Just Wondering/Fallin' Rain mb 200 E
46 Walter Davis Bb 8961 Biddle Street Blues/Frisco Blues V
47 Tommy Dean /St. Louisans Town & Country 800 Just Before Day/Rock Easy VV+
48 Jimmy DeBerry Sun 185 Take A Little Chance/Time Has Made A Change faint mark on grooves nap, mb 1200 now 800 E
49 Mercy Dee Bayou 003 Anything In The World/Please Understand V
50 Mercy Dee Spire 102 Evil And Hanky/Travelin Alone Blues mb 40 E+
51 Fats Domino Imperial 5197 Trust In Me/Poor Poor Me E
52 Fats Domino Imperial 5301 I Lived My Life/You Can Pack Your Suitcase E-
53 John Estes Vic 38614 Milk Cow Blues/Street Car Blues 1/4” crack, Cooprider repair, clicks, mb 300 VV+
54 Sleepy John Estes Champion 50048 Married Woman Blues/Drop Down Mama mb 75 V
55 T.J. Fowler National 9072 Red Hot Blues/Harmony Grits vvsld, this record rocks, mb 100 EE+
56 Johnny Fuller Imperial 5382 My Heart Is Bleeding/Sister Jenny VV+
57 Billy Gayles /Ike Turner's Rhythm Rockers Federal 12265 I'm Tore Up/If I Never Had Known You E
58 Slim Green Murray 501 Baby I Love You/(Tricky Woman Blues) two A labels, mb 500 now 400 E+
59 John Greer Groove 0119 Night Crawlin'/Come Back Maybelline slt wrp, hot Micky Baker gtr V+
60 Floyd Griffin Supertone 9522* Dying In The Electric Chair/You Broke My Heart Baby VV-
61 Guitar Slim Atco 6072 Oh Yeah/Down Through The Years E
62 Stick-Horse Hammond JOB 105 Highway 51/Too Late Baby mb 500 now 350 V+
63 Harmonica Frank Sun 205 The Great Medical Menagerist/Rockin' Chair Daddy crack clix 2gA, 6gB, mb 3000 now 2000 E+
64 Wynonie Harris King 4685 Quiet Whiskey/Down Boy Down wldj, #ol E
65 King Solomon Hill Varsity 6010 Down On My Bended Knees/Whoopie Blues (as “Down Home Boys”) mb 500 E+
66 Billie Holiday Harmony 1075 Wherever You Are/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie E+
67 Wright Holmes Miltone 5221 Alley Special/Good Road Blues tight 1” hcnap B only, mb 500 now 350 E+
68 Honey Dripper De 7622 You Can't Fix It Back/Journey From The Germs V/V-
69 Honey Dripper De 7833 47th Street Jive/My Supply Woman Blues VV+
70 John Lee Hooker Deluxe 6009 I'm A Boogie Man/I Came To See You Baby (as “Johnny Lee”) VV+/V
71 John Lee Hooker Modern 20-627 Sally May/Boogie Chillen' autographed, mb 40 V+/VV-
72 John Lee Hooker Vee-Jay 205 Baby Lee/Dimples VV+/V-
73 Joe Houston Modern 850 Houston's Hot House/Have A Ball side A is Houston Boines VV+
74 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1632 I Asked For Water/So Glad mb 100 E-
75 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1735 Mr. Airplane Man/I've Been Abused mb 100 E-
76 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1744 The Natchez Burning/You Gonna Wreck My Life mb 100 V+
77 Luther Huff Trumpet DRC-1-23/24 Dirty Disposition/1951 Blues mb 300 E+
78 Luther Huff Trumpet 141 Rosalie/Bull Dog Blues 2” wide rim chip not into grooves, mb 150 EE+
79 Ivory Joe Hunter King 4326 It's You Just You/I Quit My Pretty Mama E
80 Mississippi John Hurt Okeh 8560* Frankie/Nobody's Dirty Business sld mb 300 VV-
81 Little Son Jackson Dot 1051 Gambling Blues/Homeless VV+
82 Walter Jacobs & Carter Brothers Okeh 45468* Sheiks Special/Dear Little Girl 1” lam B nap, mb 500 now 350 EE+
83 Blind Lemon Jefferson Pm 12712* DB Blues/Maltese Cat Blues sld V-
84 Blind Lemon Jefferson Pm 12872* Bed Springs Blues/Yo Yo Blues mb 75 sld V-
85 Gus Jenkins Flash 126 Stand By Me/Copper Tan thin vinyl, plays E+, mb 50 EE-/E+
86 Young Jessie /Maxwell Davis & Orch Modern 961 Mary Lou/Don't Think I Will V+
87 Jimmy & Walter Sun 180 Easy/Before Long B plays less, mb 500 now 350 EE+/E-
88 Joe Tex King 4840 Come In This House/Davy, You Upset My Home E
89 Ella Johnson Mercury 70965 That's What You Gotta Do/What A Day V+
90 James Johnson QRS 7049 The Duck-Yas-Yas-Yas/The Snitchers Blues V-
91 Louis Jordan De 23841 Open The Door, Richard!/It's So Easy V+
92 Louis Jordan De 25394 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Saxa-Woogie VV+
93 Louis Jordan De 27648 If You're So Smart, How Come You Ain't Rich?/How Blue Can You Get? wldj V+
94 Louis Jordan De 28444 You're Much Too Fat/Friendship dj, #ol E-
95 Luke Jordan Vi 21076* Church Bells Blues/Cocaine Blues in it's Victor race sleeve mb 2500 now 1800 N
96 Jack Kelly /South Memphis Jug Band Me 12773 Highway No. 61 Blues/Red Ripe Tomatoes G+
97 Jack Kelly Voc 05031 Diamond River Blues/You Done Done It stog causes slt swish 1st 1/2, mb 450 E+
98 Jack Kelly Vocalion 05312 Men Fooler Blues/World Wandering Blues potential lateral crack nap, nd > two clix, tiny rcnap, mb 450 now 300 EE+
99 Chris Kenner Imperial 5448 Sick And Tired/Nothing Will Keep Me From You label wrinkles A E-
100 Kid King's Combo Excello 2109 Are You Sure/Hob-Nob E+/E-
101 King David's Jug Band Okeh 8901 I Can Deal Worry/Sweet Potato Blues acetate on metal, mb 100 E+
102 Jessie Knight Checker 797 Nothing But Money/Nobody Seems To Want Me Ike Turner Band V+/E
103 Lazy Bill Chance 1148 I Had A Dream/She Got Me Walkin mb 750 now 500 E+
104 Lazy Lester Excello 2107 Go Ahead/They Call Me Lazy V+/V
105 Julia Lee & Tommy Douglas Premier 29013 Lotus Blossom/Dream Lucky Blues V/V-
106 J.B. Lenore J.O.B. 1008 The Mountain/How Much More VV+
107 Noah Lewis Vi 38581* Chickasaw Special/Devil In The Wood Pile mb 350 now 225 V+
108 Smiley Lewis Imperial 5356 Bumpity Bump/I Hear You Knocking E-
109 Joe Liggins /Honeydrippers Specialty 441 Going Back To New Orleans/Cryin' Over You E-
110 Papa Lightfoot Imperial 5289 Wine, Women, Whiskey/Mean Old Train vinyl, mb 500 now 350 N-
111 Lightnin' Slim Excello 2106 Mean Ole Lonesome Train/I'm Grown E
112 Lightnin' Slim Excello 2142 My Starter Won't Work/Long Leanie Mama mb 100 E+
113 Little Al Excello 2098 Little Lean Woman/No Jive mb 100 EE+
114 Little Milton Bobbin 103 I Found Me A New Love/Long Distance Operator V+
115 Little Temple /88 Specialty 475 I Ate The Wrong Part/Cold Love wldj, pseud for Gus Jenkins E-
116 Little Walter Trio Parkway 502 Just Keep Lovin' Her/Moonshine Blues sldA, mb 1000 now 700 E/E+
117 Little Walter Trio Regal 3296 Muskadine Blues/Bad Actin' Woman mb 750 now 500 N-
118 Cripple Clarence Lofton Session 10-014 I Don't Know/Policy Blues mb 50 E
119 Willie Mabon Chess 1538 Night Latch/I'm Mad V
120 Carl Martin Okeh 8961* Farewell To You, Baby/Badly Mistreated Man mb 750 now 500 E+
121 Jay McShann Premier 29010 Hootie Boogie/Garfield Avenue Blues a few pressing bubbles click V++
122 Jay McShann Orch Vee-Jay 155 Hand's Off/Another Night xol V+
123 Memphis Jug Band Vi 21657* Peaches In The Springtime/Evergreen Money Blues mb 200 still 200 V++
124 Memphis Jug Band Voc 03175 Take Your Finger Off It/Fishin' In The Dark sld A, mld B, less than 10, mb 200 now 150 V-
125 Memphis Minnie J.O.B. 1101 Kissing In The Dark/World Of Trouble vsld, mb 500 now 350 E-
126 Memphis Slim Chess 1491 Walking Alone/Rocking The Pad E-
127 Josie Miles Gennett 5261 Baby's Got The Blues/Kansas City Man Blues V++
128 Roy Milton Specialty 429 So Tired/Thelma Lou tol E
129 Roy Milton Specialty 503 Groovy Blues/Milton's Boogie V++
130 Etta Mooney Black Swan 14118 Early Every Morn'/Lonesome Monday Morning Blues G+
131 Muddy Waters 20th Century 20-51 Let Me Be Your Coal Man/Mean Red Spider (as by James "Sweet Lucy" Carter) only B side is Muddy, his first and rarest record,less than 10 known copies, mb 4000 now 2500 M-
132 Muddy Waters Chess 1426 Walking Blues/Rollin' Stone schd, mb 125 V+/V
133 Muddy Waters Chess 1571 Just Make Love To Me/Oh! Yeh mb 100 E+
134 Muddy Waters Chess 1652 Got My Mojo Working/Rock Me VV+
135 Billy Nightingale Atco 6053 The Price Of Love/Thank You, Thank You, Darling E/E-
136 Danny Overbea Checker 768 Train, Train, Train/I'll Wait VV+/E
137 Hal Page /Whalers J & S 1601 Thunder Bird/Sugar-Babe mb 25 V++
138 Eve Parker Vic 38020 Careless Love/You're Going To Leave The Old Home, Jim EE-
139 Piano Red Groove 0136 She Knocks Me Out/Jumpin' With Daddy mol E-
140 Platters Federal 12188 Tell The World/Love All Night V+
141 Snooky Pryor J.O.B. 1014 Cryin' Shame/Eighty Nine Ten internal tight hcnap, Eddie Taylor, Moody Jones gtrs, mb 900 now 500 E
142 Yank Rachell Bb 9033 Peach Tree Blues/She Loves Who She Please sld V
143 Yank Rachell Bb 34-0715 Bye Bye Blues/Katy Lee Blues E
144 Dallas Red Selective 112 Alma Lee/Cold Blooded Blues sld V+
145 Alton Redd Bel-Tone 760 Learn To Boogie Woogie/My Baby's Gone E-
146 Jimmy Reed Vee-Jay 119 Boogie In The Dark/You Don't Have To Go VV+
147 Rocking Brothers R and B 1309 Rock It/Behind The Sun slt mol E-
148 Ike Rodgers /Henry Brown Pm 12816* It Hurts So Good/Screenin' (sic)The Blues rc clix 4gA, heat damage > soft swish 2nd 1/2 A & B, doesn't overpower music, mb 300 now 200 E-
149 Roosevelt Marks Orch w/ Clayton Love Bobbin 102 Unlimited Love/Limited Love E
150 Otis Rush Cobra 5000 I Can't Quit You Baby/Sit Down Baby V
151 Schoolboy Cleve Feature 3013 Strange Letter Blues/She's Gone mb 500 E+
152 Johnny Shines J.O.B. 1010 Brutal Hearted Woman/Evening Sun Walter Horton hca, mb 900 now 600 E
153 Shirley And Lee Aladdin 3153 Sweethearts/I'm Gone E-
154 Shirley And Lee Aladdin 3325 Let The Good Times Roll/Do You Mean To Hurt Me So E-
155 Bessie Smith Col 14060* Woman's Trouble Blues/Love Me Daddy Blues E-
156 Bessie Smith Col 14292 Thinking Blues/I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama very cool St. Louis tol, elec VV-
157 Bessie Smith Col 14304 Pickpocket Blues/I'd Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave elec, mb 200 EE+
158 Henry Smith Fortune 802 Dog Me Blues/Rocking Chair Boogie mb 1500 now 1000 N-
159 Henry Smith Lucky 1952 Dog Me Blues/Rockin' Chair Boogie pressed on vinyl from fortune stampers mb 100 E+
160 Southern Negro Quartette Col A3444 Anticipatin' Blues/I'm Wild About Moonshine E-
161 Tony Spade Back Beat 213 What Gwyne On?/Life Is A Mystery sld, Caribbean recording Co. E
162 St. Louis Bessie Voc 1615 Meat Cutter Blues/He Treats Me Like A Dog sld, 1930, mb 150 V+/E-
163 St. Louis Jimmy Bb 9016 Soon Forget You/Can't Stand Your Evil Ways E
164 St. Louis Jimmy Bullet 270 I Ain't Done Nothing Wrong/Goin' Down Slow V+
165 State Street Boys Okeh 8965* Sweet To Mama/The Dozen mb 750 now 500 E-
166 Sugar Boy /Cane Cutters Checker 783 Overboard/I Don't Know What I'll Do V+
167 Hanna Sylvester/MAY ALIX/ Fletcher Handerson Puritan 1408 Farewell Blues/LOVELESS LIFE VV+
168 Texas Slim King 4366 Don't You Remember Me/Late Last Night V+/V
169 Tabby Thomas Feature 3007 Tomorrow/Mmmmm I Don't Care mb 75 V+
170 Bobby Tuggle Checker 840 I Know She Loves Me/I Wonder E
171 Joe Turner RPM 345 Riding Blues/Playful Baby rcnap E-
172 Titus Turner Okeh 6961 Livin' In Misery/Big Mary's wldj E+
173 Ike Turner, Carlson Oliver & Little Ann Tune Town 501 Boxtop/Chalypso Love Cry Tina Turner's first recording, mb 250 V+
174 T-Bone Walker Imperial 5264 Pony Tail/When The Sun Goes Down V+
175 T-Bone Walker Swing-Master 11 My Baby Left Me/She Is Going To Ruin Me mb 75 E-
176 Baby Boy Warren Drummond 3003 Stop Breakin' Down/Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me mb 300 E+
177 Ethel Waters Bb 10025 They Say/Jeepers Creepers EE-
178 Katie Watkins Viceroy 3333 Trying To Get You Off My Mind/Black Snake Blues swol V
179 Johnny “Guitar” Watson RPM 436 Those Lonely, Lonely Nights/Someone Cares For Me E-
180 Casey Bill Weldon Cq 8658 Flood Water Blues No. 1 & 2 (as Levee Joe), rcbgA V++
181 Peetie Wheatstraw De 7798 Jaybird Blues/Cuttin' Em Slow V-
182 Peetie Wheatstraw Voc 1672 C And A Blues/Six Weeks Old Blues mb 100 VV+
183 Josh White De 23582 Jelly, Jelly/Backwater Blues E+
184 Josh White Musiccraft 249 Hard Time Blues/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday E-
185 Josh White Musiccraft 250 Motherless Children Part 1 & 2 E-
186 L.C. Williams Gold Star 648 Black Woman/I Won't Be Here Long mb 50 E
187 (Homesick) James Williamson Chance 1121 Lonesome Old Train/Farmers Blues pressing bubble thumps several times B, mb 1000 now 500 EE+
188 Sonny Boy Williamson Checker 824 Don't Start Me Talkin'/All My Love In Vain VV+/V
189 Sonny Boy Williamson RCA 20-2056 Shake The Boogie/Mean Old Highway E-
190 Little “Walkin” Willie Jaguar 3012 Clayhouse Blues/Blow Little Willie mb 25 V++
191 Chuck Willis Atlantic 1098 Kansas City Woman/It's Too Late swol V
192 Chuck Willis Okeh 6985 Don't Deceive Me/I've Been Treated Wrong Too Long VV+
193 Chuck Willis Okeh 7048 Give And Take/I've Been Away Too Long E
194 Ralph Willis Alabama Trio 20th Century 20-9 So Many Days/That Gal's No Good! mb 50 V+
195 Billy Wright Savoy 827 Turn Your Lamps Down Low/Drinkin' And Thinkin' E-
196 Johnny Wright Ike Turner & Orch RPM 443 Suffocate/The World Is Yours mb 50 E

197 Roy Acuff /Smoky Mountain Boys Col 36974 That Glory Bound Train/All The World Is Lonely Now E-
198 Roy Acuff /Smoky Mountain Boys Okeh 6735 Blues In My Mind/I Heard A Silver Trumpet V+
199 Banjo Maniacs De 29623 Double Eagle Rag/Pick-It-You-Peasant instrs E+
200 Charley Blake Supertone 9534* Hungry Hash House Blues/California Blues tol VV-
201 Blue Ridge Ramblers Voc 02918 Ole Faithful/Big Ball In Texas V+
202 Ann Bond Apollo 118 Good Old Fashioned Hoedown/Chime Bells VV+
203 Milton Brown De 46002 Bring It On Down To My House Honey/Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider VV+
204 Carlisle And Ball Me 91322* Guitar Blues/I Want A Good Woman Canadian press V
205 Carlisle Brothers King 535 Rainbow At Midnight/Don't Tell Me Your Worries V+
206 Carter Family De 64103 They Call Her Mother one-sided vinyl test, blank label E-
207 Carter Family MW 4543* Faded Coat Of Blue/I'll Be Home Someday V+
208 Yodelin' Slim Clarke Wheeling 1151 The Mountie's Prayer/My Little Swiss Mrs. V+
209 Charlie Craver Br 410 Then The World Began/Oh Cristofo Columbo V
210 Pete Daley Arkansas Fiddlers Continental 3012 Roving Gambler/Skip To My Lou rcnap VV+
211 Jimmie Davis De 18756 Grievin' My Heart Out For You/I'm Sorry If That's The Way You Feel V++
212 Fiddlin Willie /Ozark Pals Disco 1500 Why Not Confess/Knocking At Your Door E+
213 Red Foley And Lulu Belle Cq 8316* Going Out West This Fall/Hi Rinktum Inktum Doodle VV+
214 Forky Freeman 4-Star 1478 Strumming Up A Boogie/Night Train gtr instrs E+
215 Georgia Yellow Hammers Vic 21195* I'm Saved/G Rag VV+
216 Ambrose Haley /Ozark Ramblers Premier 29009 Kansas City Kitty/Trail To San Antone VV-
217 Roy Hall /Blue Ridge Entertainers Bb 8656 Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/Can You Forgive? E-
218 Hartman's Heart Breakers Bb 6481* Feels Good/Let Me Play With It E-
219 Hartman's Heart Breakers Bb 6494* Fetch It On Down To My House/Oh Sweet Daddy, Oh Pshaw V+
220 Hartman's Heart Breakers Bb 6516* Please, Mr. Moon, Don't Tell On Me/Grandma And Grandpa E-
221 Hollyhit Buckaroos Holyhit 101 Lone, Lonesome Cowboy/Buckaroo Sandman dj, swol EE+
222 Jilson Setters Vic 21407* Forked Deer/Billy In The Lowland V+
223 Jilson Setters Vic 21635* Way Up On Clinch Mountain/The Arkansaw Traveler VV+
224 Hack Johnson /Tennesseans Colonial CR 405 Crazy Banjo Medley/Swanee River E+
225 Ann Jones King 972 Secret Love/Knockin' Blues wlbiodj E+
226 Mrs. Marie Jos Kabalan None B 501/2 Ya Naaimann Pt. 1&2 plays better, Syrian, mb 50 VV+
227 Texas Jim Lewis De 46015 Have I Been Mean To You?/Spanish Two-Step E-
228 Lewis Bros/RODEO TRIO MW 4345 Sally Johnson/ARKANSAS TRAVELER VV+
229 Lonesome Pine Fiddlers Cozu 232 Pain In My Heart/Lonesome, Sad And Blue V+
230 Uncle Dave Macon Voc 5013 Tossing The Baby So High/Kissin' On The Sly V-
231 Martin And Roberts Perfect 13089* Little Shack Around The Corner/Budded Roses V+
232 Lester McFarland And Robert A. Gardner Br 305 The Kentucky Bride's Fate/The Murder Of J.B. Markham VV+
233 Lester McFarland And Robert A. Gardner Br 588 Ninety-Nine Years Pt 1 & 2 VV-
234 Mississippi Slim Nite Owls Tennessee 745 Beer Drinkin' Blues/I'm Through Cryin' Over You V
235 Guy Mitchell Col 40877 Rock-A-Billy/Hoot Owl E-
236 Walter Morris Col 15186 Mother's Face I Long To See/In The Time Of Long Ago elec V
237 Moon Mullican King 996 Columbus Stockade Blues/Over The Waves E-
238 Jimmie Newman Khoury's 630 Darling/You Didn't Have To Go mol, mb 100 EE+
239 Bob Nichols And Riley Puckett Col 15161 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Till We Meet Again elec E
240 Bob Nichols And Riley Puckett Col 15216 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/My Blue Ridge Mountain Queen elec E-
241 Red Patterson Piedmont Log Rollers Vic 21132* The White Rose/The Sweet Sunny South V
242 Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers Vic 21295* Birmingham/Hog Eye mb 100 V++
243 Rocky Porter Col 21264 I Talked To The Man In The Moon/The World Is A Monster rol V+
244 Riley Puckett Bb 6064* The Isle Of Capri/Roll Back The Carpet V
245 Red Headed Fiddlers Br 265 Texas Quickstep/Never Alone Waltz bj & vn, mb 40 E-
246 A.C. Robertson Vic 19372 Sallie Johnson And Billy In The Low Ground/Done Gone E
247 Jimmie Rodgers MW 4204 Whippin' That Old T.B./Why Should I Be Lonely V
248 Jimmie Rodgers Vic 33580* Blue Yodel Number 9/Looking For A New Mama Louis Armstrong tpt, pdigA, schd, vsld, mb 150 E-
249 Ernest Rogers Vic 20798* Steamboat Bill/Waitin' For The “Robert E. Lee” E
250 Ernest Rogers Vic 20870* My Red-Haired Lady/Let Me Be Your Man In The Moon EE-
251 Rose Trio MW 4246* When It's Lamp Lightin' Time In The Valley/The Hills Of Tennessee Are Calling Me E-
252 Jim Seaney Challenge 324 The Poor Tramp Has To Live/Wild Bill Jones plays less E+
253 Shelton Bros De 5661 I'm Savin' Saturday Night For You/Ace In The Hole tol V
254 Shenandoah Valley Boys De 28949 Ridin' The Waves/Plunkin' Rag hot banjo instrs V+
255 Skeets /Ozark Champions Disco 100 We'll Keep 'Em Flying/Faded Cactus Blossoms inscribed “Hello From Skeets Knox”, St. Louis Label EE+/E+
256 Skeets /Ozark Champions Disco 100 We'll Keep 'Em Flying/Faded Cactus Blossoms VV+
257 Slim Tex/COWBOY ROGERS Continental 3013 Lonesome Road Blues/STRAWBERRY ROAN VV+
258 Carl Smith Col 21429 Don't Tease Me/I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye E-
259 Southern Moonlight Entertainers Voc 5372 Are You Happy Or Lonesome/My Blue Ridge Mountain Queen plays better, mb 250 VV-
260 Stanley Brothers Rich-R-Tone 423 Little Maggie/The Little Glass Of Wine mb 250 EE-
261 Ernest V. Stoneman /Dixie Mountaineers Vic 20294* Going Up Cripple Creek/Sugar In The Gourd V+
262 Sunshine Boys Okeh 05669 Pipe Liner Blues/Coo-Se-Coo VV+
263 Gid Tanner /Skillet Lickers Bb 5591* Cotton Patch/Whoa, Mule, Whoa V
264 Gid Tanner /Skillet Lickers Bb 5657* Tanner's Rag/Tanner's Hornpipe V
265 Three Tobacco Tags Bb 6853 I'm Nobody's Darling But Mine/Tall And Handsome Comedy E-
266 Three Tobacco Tags Bb 7715 I'm Afraid It's Love/I Was Only Teasing You E
267 Rex Turner Varsity 8011 Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away/A Heart Full Of Love tol V+
268 Vass Family De 5425* Jimmie Randall/Paper Of Pins tol V
269 Joe Wheeler King 1096 Ain't That Just Like A Woman/Shut My Mouth Wide Open wlbiodj V+
270 Slim Willet 4 Star 1614 Hadacol Corners/Don't Let The Stars (Get In Your Eyes) E-
271 Hank Williams MGM 11202 Half As Much/Let's Turn Back The Years V+
272 Foy Willing /Riders Of The Purple Sage Majestic 6015 Holiday For The Blues/Where The Cool Clear Water Spills V+
273 Don Winters Cameo 2000 I Walk a Road Of Heartaches/How Long Must I Wait w/ fiddle & pedal steel, excellent record, thin vinyl, rare, mb 75 E+
274 Skeets Yaney /Ozark Champions Town & Country 504 When I Lost You/I'll Get Along Somehow os V+
275 Skeets Yaney /Ozark Champions Town & Country 506 All The World Is Lonely Now/Don't You Tell A Soul V+

276 Reynaldo And Laura 4-Star 1016 Por Eso No Debes/Amor Ciego E-
277 Oscar Aviles Sono Radio 10503 Juanita/Amarte Es Mi Delirio Peruvian E
278 Waldyr Azevedo Continental 16.314 Delicado/Vź Se Gostas tol, Brazil! E
279 Benedictine Monks Gregorian Chants 12 Creator Alme Siderum +2/Salve Regina +1 VV+
280 Bismillah & Party HMV 24847 illeg/illeg Indian, nice instrs V+
281 Naftule Brandweins Col 8073* Bulgar Ala Naftule/A Hore Mit Tzibeles V+
282 Vin Bruce Col 20923 Fille De La Ville/Dans La Louisianne E-
283 Jim Cameron Scottish Dance Band Beltona BL.2491 La Russe/Broun's Reel UK press E
284 Chalmer's Wood's Novelty Trio Parlophone 3346 Jig Tim Quadrille/Scottish Waltz Medley vsld E+
285 Dixie Girls May's 20303 Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Tucky Home/Bells Of Hawaii plays less, cool label V+
286 El Gallito De Manati Canmar 1017 Mirame/Niegalo V+
287 David Ferguson Vic 1474 The Cock Of The North one-sided, tol, nice bagpipe solo E
288 Patrick Fitzpatrick Silvertone 3168 Three Drops Of Brandy/Donneybrock Fair good bagpipe solos E-
289 Hawaiian Serenaders Supertone 9370* Carolina Moon/Loneliness E
290 Hawaiin Beachcombers Van Dyke 74290 If You're In Love, You'll Waltz/Queen Of The South Sea Isles E-
291 Hopi Indian Chanters Vic 20043 Chant Of The Eagle Dance/Chant Of The Snake Dance E+
292 illeg Teichiku 3246 illeg/illeg tol, wol Japanese Navy March/Japanese National Anthem V+
293 Jim And Bob Bb 5944* By The Waters Of Minnetonka/Sweet Georgia Brown VV+
294 Kanawha Singers Br 255 Indiana/On The Banks Of The Wabash, Far Away/ E
295 Tamara Khanum/JALILOV HMV E.K.145 Nozigim/GIALDIR Uzbek, f. vcl A, m. vcl B, mb 150 E
296 Omme Kolseum HMV 169 Afdihi En Hafeza Pt. 1&2 mb 50 E+
297 Konitsa Balkan 813 Valle Tsamce Salona/Zamare Bariut terrific clarinet solos E
298 Krilloff's Balaleika Orch Vic 78991 Ukranian Potpourri/illeg E+
299 Krilloff's Balaleika Orch Vic 79046 Faun/Troika And A Lady E+
300 Oberkantor Sawel Kwartin Opera Disc Company 211696 Al Taschlicheinu!/Chamoil Al Maasecho Hebrew tenor, beautiful label, mb 25 V+
301 La Lira TarmeĖa Sono Radio 10500 Separacion/Marujita Peruvian E
302 Lucas Lunga Trutone 200 Wena Uzobe Ubuye/Unga Phindi Uzibize Ngami South African, Zulu guitar jive, mb 100 E
303 Anton Subelj ! A. Madic Col 25110 Ljub'Ca, Kod Si Hodila/cez Tri Gore V
304 Romandalia Masmina Odeon 5246 Los Terribles De Juaja/Mi Cutunchita Peruvian E-
305 Lydia Mendoza Azteca 5034 Cuando Tu Quieras/La Trotona tol V
306 Lydia Mendoza Azteca 5095 Tu Partida/Que Hare Tan Sola V
307 Lydia Mendoza Globe 2002 Nochecita/Tanto Como Te Ame V-
308 Sam Moore Okeh 4412 Chain Gang Blues/Laughing Rag octo-corda solo VV-
309 Avelino MuĖoz Grecha 1048 Nostalgia PanameĖa/La Guayabita Gamborora, Argentina V+
310 Russkyj Narodnyj Col 7992* Malorossiskyj Kassack/Trepak tol dance music E
311 Russkyj Narodnyj Col 9071* Prelestnaya Krestyanka/Poidiom Pliasat tol, dance music E-
312 Natay Canyon 152 Navajo Love Song/Navajo Two Step Song tol V+
313 Native Hawaiin Troupe Perfect 11010 Mo-Na-Lu/Rio Nights VV+
314 Price-Prosser-Teasley Vic 21018* Meet Me In Hawaii/Wabash Blues uke & gtr instrs, mb 20 E+
315 Les Rigolos Starr 16649 Reel Des Ormaux/Reel Irlandais VV+
316 Abe Schwartz Col 7725* Voliner Bulgar/Alle Ni Einem VV+
317 Seychelles United Band Jambo EA 383 Waltz Of The Young Hearts/Valse D'Amour acc, dm, HI gtr. postwar V+
318 John Sitar Col 24132 Marina Polka/Ja Som Sirota E-
319 Roy Smeck Banner 0614 Have A Little Faith In Me/Dreamy South Sea Moon E
320 Roy Smeck Perfect 11338 Tiger Rag/Nifty Pickin' V
321 Roy Smeck/Art Kahn A, Carson Robison B Vic 21277* Itchin' Fingers/Twilight Echoes slt wrp VV+
322 Southern Serenaders Varsity 5076 Kalima Waltz/Song Of The Islands V+
323 Southland Marimba Players/HARRY'S MELODY MEN Broadway 1159* Ramona/TOGETHER V/V+
324 Beto Villa Ideal 744 Linda Mujer/A Media Luz E

325 Doris Akers & Dorothy Simmons Songs Of The Cross 105 He's Everywhere/I Found Something E
326 Rev. Luschaa Allen Missouri 11043 You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/Meeting Tonight mb 30 V
327 J.M. Bell /Robinson Ensemble C.H. Brewer B104/105 I'll Talk To Jesus/I'll Fight For The Right EE-
328 Blair Gospel Singers Nashboro 542 I've Got Heaven On My Mind/Anyhow E-
329 Bronner Brothers Avant 058 Want There Be Joy/I'm Troubled V
330 Elder Richard Bryant Vic 21357* The Master Came And Called To Me/Saul, A Wicked Man mb 50 V
331 Miss Sammy Bryant /New Bethel Baptist Church J-V-B 37 I've Got A Home Pt. 1 & 2 mb 100 V+
332 Colemanaires Apollo 308 This May Be My Last Time/I Cannot Understand It w/ Ann Cole V+
333 Davis Sisters And Curtis Dublin Gotham 716 By An By Pt. 1 & 2 V+
334 Detroit Harmonettes Deluxe 6039 I Gave Up Everything/I Need Thee wldj V+
335 Echoes Of Eden Vee-Jay 200 I Need Jesus/He's My Everything mol VV+
336 Freewill Baptist Church Choir Songs Of The Cross 104 I Want To Be Ready/Anybody Here Know My Jesus N-
337 Rev. J.M. Gates Okeh 8515* God's Wrath In The St. Louis Cyclone/Devil In A Flying Machine cool St. Louis tol VV+
338 Rev. J.M. Gates Okeh 8622* Stop For The Red Light/The Rattlesnake Coils Before He Strikes V
339 Golden Star Elko 824 The Gospel Train Is Coming/All You Need Is That True Religion mb 50 EE+
340 Goldrock Gospel Singers Seaboard 1100 How Sweet He Is/Jesus I'll Never Forget mb 50 E-
341 Gospel Silhouettes Songs Of The Cross 107 Trust And Obey/Tell It To Jesus E
342 Bro. Will Hairston/REV. REUBEN L. HENRY Natural 111 Shout School Children/GOD'S GOING TO RING THOSE FREEDOM BELLS mb 100 E
343 Hearts Of Harmony Songs Of The Cross 101 In My Saviour's Care/Jesus Hear Me Pray N-
344 Helen Henderson, Simmon And Akers Songs Of The Cross 111 Lead On/same wol E-
345 Highway Q C's Vee-Jay 883 Child Of God/Behold Thy Mother V+
346 Blind Willie Jackson And Brother Broadway 5050 Take Your Burdens To The Lord/Telephone To Glory 1 inch crack clix A&B, Pseud for Blind Roosevelt Graves V
347 Rev. G.A. Johnson Songs Of The Cross 112 Right Is Right/Jesus Is My Captain tol E
348 Jordanaires De 14555 Lead Me To That Rock/Swing Down Sweet Chariot V+
349 Elders Mc Intosh And Edwards Okeh 8647* The 1927 Flood/What Kind Of Man Jesus Is mb 300 V+
350 George Ronald McCantz Wings Over Jordan 1 Rock'A My Soul In The Bosom Of Abram/Sweet Little Jesus Boy E
351 Elder “Gatemouth” Moore Artists 142 Silent Night/Ain't God Alright V
352 Original Five Blind Boys Peacock 1714 I Know The Lord Will Make A Way/Somewhere Listening For My Name EE+
353 Original Five Blind Boys Vee-Jay 194 You Don't Know/I Never Heard A Man wldj, vswol E-
354 Revelators G&G 5032 Didn't My Lord Deliver/Walk Together Children V+
355 Rising Star Gospel Singers Score 5030 Telephone Line/I Trust In God stog E
356 Rev Cleophus Robinson Peacock 1784 Moaning in The Morning/I Can See So Much V+
357 Willie Mae Ruffin Disco 1200 Each Day/The Man Of Galilee V-
358 Silverette Gospel Singers Hi-Lo 1417 Jesus Is Mine/I Want To Join The Band mb 50 E
359 Rev. Utah Smith Manor 1051 God's Mighty Hand/same mb 100 E
360 Original New Orleans Soul Comforters Hollywood 1010 Radio Television In My Heart/Ten Commandments superb V++
361 Southern Sons Qtt Trumpet 164 I'll Fly Away/Oh, Lord I'm In Your Care E+
362 Southern Sons Qtt Trumpet 206 Rock In A Weary Land/A Prayer For Tomorrow E
363 Southern Stars Chess 1520 Don't Give Up/Surely God Is Able scuffy, plays well, mb 50 V+
364 Spiritual Harmonizers Glory 4004 Do You Know Him/God Leads His Children mb 50 E+
365 Staple Singers United 165 It Rained Children/Won't You Sit Down V
366 Stars Of Hope Peacock 1703 I Just Can't Keep From Crying/I Want To Be More Like Jesus V+
367 Supreme Angels Nashboro 619 Run To The Rock/Jesus Let Me Sleep VV+
368 Sister O.M. Terrell Col 21092 I'm Going To That City/The Gambling Man V-
369 Third Baptist Church Choir Sterling 1002 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing +2/O Come, All Ye Faithful +2 V+
370 Third Baptist Church Choir Sterling no # The Old Rugged Cross/same V+
371 Ceciel Tolliver, Sallie B. Little & Betty J. Cryner Mt. Moriah 101 Do You Know Him/Get Away Jordan powerful, mb 50 V+
372 Trumpeteers Grand 505 Last Supper/Trials Get Harder E+
373 Joshua White Romeo 6-02-57 On My Way/How About You V-
374 Charlie White/SISTER H. MATTHEWS Jaxyson 23 How Long/STAND BY ME mb 500 now 350 EE+
375 Rev Abraham Woodruff /Gospelaires Fechi E4KB-4006/7 Jesus/Life's Burden E
376 Zion Harmonizers Avant 034 Lord Don't Leave Me/Lord I'll Go mb 100 E+

377 Baer And Moeller Supertone 9135* Rock Of Ages/Jesus Lover Of My Soul VV+
378 Dixie Korn Kobs M & L 10000 Separation/My Mountain Home In West Virginia V+

JAZZ 78s
379 Alabama Rascals Perfect 0205 Georgia Grind/Rukus Juice Shuffle V+
380 Louis Armstrong /Hot Five Okeh 8535* Savoy Blues/Hotter Than That V+
381 Badgers Broadway 1109* Baby Your Mother/Blue River V+
382 Badgers Broadway 1317* I May Be Wrong/Wouldn't It Be Wonderful E-
383 Count Basie Clef 89149 Every Day Part 1 & 2 V+
384 Ben Bernie/GENE FOSDICK'S HOOSIERS Voc 14585 Henpecked Blues/RAILROAD MAN orange wax VV+
385 Broadway Revelers Broadway 1092 Here Am I Broken Hearted/Who's That Pretty Baby V+
386 Checker Box Boys.BADGERS Broadway 1272* Louise/THERE'S A FOUR LEAF CLOVER IN MY POCKET VV+
387 Miles Davis Cap 15404 Move/Budo vsld, mb 75 E
388 Eddie's Hot Shots Vi 38046* I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee/That's A Serious Thing Jack Teargarden vcls, mb 100 now 50 E-
389 Duke Ellington Vic 20-1547 Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/CHLO-E E
390 Duke Ellington Vic 20-1623 I Didn't Know About You/I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues V+
391 Seger Ellis Col 1290 Beautiful/Where In The World elec V+
392 Frisco Syncopators Broadway 1116* Are You Lonesome Tonight/Old Names Of Old Flames V+
393 Eddie Getz Chord 632 You Came Along/Roger VV+
394 Stan Getz Birdland 6001 There's A Small Hotel/I've Got You Under My Skin wol V+
395 Dizzy Gillespie Guild 1003 Salt Peanuts/Hot House VV+
396 Ernie Golden Col 1906 In The Hush Of The Night/You're My Silver Lining Of Love slt wrp E-
397 Benny Goodman Col 2835 I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues/Ain't-Cha' Glad? blue wax VV+
398 Earl Goodwin/ERNIE GOLDEN Broadway 1181* That's My Weakness Now/WHO WOULDN'T BE BLUE V+
399 Greenwich Village Orch Puritan 11288 Ringside Blues/House Of David Blues V+
400 Fletcher Henderson Col 164* Muscle Shoals Blues/Houston Blues swol V+
401 Fletcher Henderson Col 249* Naughty Man/The Meanest Kind Of Blues VV-
402 Fletcher Henderson Voc 3323 What-Cha-Call-'Em Blues/Blazin' E
403 Hollywood Dance Orch/BROADWAY REVELERS Broadway 1110* Just A Memory/BLUE HEAVEN V+
404 Hollywood Dance Orchestra Broadway 1127 Where In The World/Girl Of My Dreams VV+
405 Richard Jones Jazz Wizards Pm 12705* Hot And Ready/It's A Low Down Thing mb 100 V-/V
406 New Orleans Rhythm Kings De 161* San Antonio Shout/Tin Roof Blues E-
407 Newport Society Orchestra Puritan 11020 Let The Rest Of The World Go By/Love Nest V+
408 Jimmy O' Bryant Silvertone 3548 Midnight Strutters/Shake That Thing (as Washboard Wonders) sld, flknap, one inch hcnap V-
409 O'Bryant's Washboard Band Pm 12265 Washboard/Brand New Charleston sld 1”crk clix V+
410 Kid Ory Creole Band Exner 3 Savoy Blues/Dippermouth Blues E-
411 Earl Randolph Broadway 1135* My Ohio Home/Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon V+
412 Earl Randolph Famous 3122 Stumbling/Some Sunny Day tol VV+
413 Terry Ryan Dot 15094 Limehouse Blues/Funny Thing vinyl E
414 Ben Selvin Col 1900 Am I Blue?/My Song Of The Nile elec E
415 Joe Smith/UNK Pm 14004* Heart Breakin' Joe/AFRICAN RAG V+
416 Art Tatum De 8550 St. Louis Blues/Indiana E-
417 Charlie Ventura SIW 504 If I Had You/Euphoria V+
418 Charlie Venturo Sunset 10054 C.V. Jump/I Surrender Dear V+
419 Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang Bb 10280 Doin' Things/Wild Cat tol V+
420 Dinah Washington Mercury 70439 I Don't Hurt Anymore/Dream V+

421 Andrews Sisters De 18636 Rum And Coca-Cola/One Meat Ball V+
422 Gloria Becker Real 1304 Sixteen Pounds/Adios To Mexico City a feminist anthem E
423 Bobby Breen Bullet 1036 It's A Sin To Tell a Lie/Molly Malone autographed VV-
424 Coney Island Kids Jubilee 5215 Baby, Baby You/Moonlight Beach E-
425 Richard Czerwonky Harmograph 2519 Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen/Swanee River violin solo E-
426 Evan Davies Col A2572 My Possum Hunt/Mrs. Rastus Johnson At The Wedding V+
427 Arthur Fields World Record 21107 Oh! You La, La/Bring Back Those Wonderful Days rare label V
428 Stan Freberg Cap 1356 John And Marsha/Ragtime Dan V+
429 Stan Freberg Cap 2596 St. George And The Dragonet/Little Blue Riding Hood V+
430 Mahatma Gandhi Col 17523 His Spiritual Message E
431 Wendell Hall Apex 401 It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'/Red Headed Music Maker V
432 Al Jolson Br 4033 Sonny Boy/There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder V+
433 Stanley Kann Carasal Cocktail Lounge no # Donkey Serenade/Indian Love Call E
434 Stanley Kann Carasal Cocktail Lounge no # Stormy Weather/Clair De Lune E
435 Marilyn Monroe RCA 20-5745 I'm Gonna File My Claim/The River Of No Return wldj, nice pic of M.M. on label E
436 Art Mooney Vogue R-713-32 I've Been Working On The Railroad/I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) V
437 Nervous Norvus Dot 15470 Transfusion/Dig E
438 None Listed Oxford 19716 Alexander's Ragtime Band one-sided V
439 Peerless Quartette/ADA JONES Mozart 5078 The Owl And The Pussey Cat/MY WORD V
440 Walter C. Peterson Silvertone 5009 Sidewalks Of New York + 2/After The Ball + 3 gtr & hca instr medleys nearly V+
441 Mae Questel De 2974 Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly, I'm In Love/You'd Be Surprised E-
442 Carson Robison Trio Cq 7805 A Tribute To Knute Rockne/Rock Of Ages E
443 Jane Russell Mercury DJ 8 Lookin' For Trouble/Any Gal From Texas dj in nice picture sleeve E
444 Truett And George Col 1182 Wabash Blues/Ghost Dance mb 40 V+

445 All Star Trio Pm 20012 Wond'ring/Rose Of Washington Square VV+
446 American Marimba Players Pm 33061 I Might Be Your Once In A While/On Miami Shore V+
447 Badgers Pm 20694* If I Had You/A Precious Little Thing Called Love V+
448 J. C. Beck Orch Pm 33015 The Music Of Wedding Chimes/When You Look Into The Heart Of A Rose VV-
449 J. C. Beck's Orch Pm 33048 Chinese Lullaby/I Never Knew V
451 Bergh's Band Pm 33072 Jolly Coppersmith/Here They Come V-
452 Henry Burr Pm 2054 Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye, Soldier Boy, Bring Back My Daddy To Me V-
453 California Ramblers/BROWN'S DIXIELAND ORCH Pm 20116 California/Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixieland E-
454 Milton Charles Pm 4003 Just A-Wearyin' For You/Moonlight And Roses V+
455 Al. Colombo Golden Glades Orch Pm 20072 Say It With Music/Yoo Hoo V
456 Creatore And His Band Pm 50035 Poet And Peasant Overture Pt 1 & 2 red label V
457 Creatore And His Band Pm 50039 American Fantasie Pt 1 & 2 red label V+
458 Sister Ernia Mae Cunningham/REV H.C. GATEWOOD Pm 12522 You Better Run/THE NEW BIRTH vinyl E+
459 Ernest Davis Pm 50033 A Dream/The Rosary red label VV+
460 Frisco Syncopators Pm 20037 Margie/Twelfth Street Rag VV-
461 Frisco Syncopators Pm 20133 Three O'clock In The Morning/Swanee River Moon E-
462 Frisco Syncopators/EDDIE DANCE ORCH Pm 20137 Thru' The Night/LOVABLE EYES V+
463 Nathan Glantz Pm 20387 Because They All Love You/Please Be Good To My Old Girl V
464 Arthur Gramm Pm 33005 Largo/Meditation VV+
465 Arthur Hall And John Ryan Pm 20385 Laff It Off/Get Yourself A Broom And Sweep Your Troubles Away V+
466 Arthur Hall/SAM ASH Pm 20140 Why Should I Cry Over You/WISH THERE WAS A WIRELESS TO HEAVEN needle rings A V+/E-
467 Harkreader And Moore Pm 3022* Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/The Bully Of The Town V+
468 Charles Hart/STERLING TRIO Pm 33019 Tell Me/CAROLINA SUNSHINE V++
469 Lewis James/GREEK EVANS Pm 30030 I Cannot Sing The Old Songs/CAN'T YOU HEAR ME CALLIN', CAROLINE V
470 Grace Kearns And Harry McClaskey/ROYDEN D. MASSEY Pm 30006 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling/THERE'S A LONG, LONG TRAIL VV-
471 Grace Kerns Pm 30012 Home Sweet Home/Last Rose Of Summer V+
472 Lenzberg's Riverside Pm 768 All By Myself/Ain't We Got Fun V+
473 Louise And Ferera Pm 33023 O Sole Mio/Honolulu March V+
474 Majestic Saxophone Sextette Pm 20136 Gee, But I Hate To Go Home Alone/Nobody Lied V+
475 Marimba Players Pm 33017 Captain Betty/Moonlight Waltz V-
476 Merry Melody Men Pm 20038 Honolulu Eyes/Caresses VV-
477 Moulin Rouge Orch Pm 20048 Na Jo/Do You Ever Think Of Me V++
478 Newport Society Orch Pm 20013 La Veeda/Left All Alone Again V
479 Newport Society Orch Pm 20020 The Love Nest/Let The Rest Of The World Go By VV+
480 Newport Society Orch Pm 20205 Down In Maryland/Saw Mill River Road VV+
481 Newport Society Orch Pm 33102 Irish Medley Waltz Pt 1 & 2 VV+
482 Newport Society Orch/SELVIN'S NOVELTY ORCH Pm 20026 Whispering/AVALON VV+
483 Paramount Dance Orch Pm 20440 The Prisoner's Song/A Night Of Love V
484 Paramount Military Band Pm 30015 Here They Come/Liberty Lads G+
485 Peerless Quartette/MABEL RICHARDSON AND MARION COX Pm 33010 Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight/ROCK OF AGES E-
486 Bill Priestly /Squirrel Ash Craftsmen Pm 14013* Riverboat Shuffle/Sunday V+
487 Raderman's Dance Orch Pm 20319 May Be/You Can Take Me Away From Dixie V+
488 Red, White And Blue Marimba Band Pm 30042 Moonlight Waltz/Captain Betty V-
489 James Roberts Pm 2043 I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time/I Don't Want To Get Well V-/G
490 Roger's Symphony Orch Pm 20004 Morning, Noon And Night Overture Pt 1 & 2 V
491 Lane Rogers Pm 2027 Over There/Send Me Away With A Smile V-
492 Rogers Band Pm 30064 March Lorraine/Baltimore Centennial March V-
493 Benny Selvin /Novelty Orch Pm 20002 My Isle Of Golden Dreams/Peggy VV+
494 Benny Selvin /Novelty Orch Pm 20002 My Isle Of Golden Dreams/Peggy V
495 Selvin's Novelty Orch Pm 20025 Love Boat/Bells V+
496 X C Sacred Quartette Pm 3026* Is It Well With Your Soul/When They Ring Those Golden Bells V+
497 X C Sacred Quartette Pm 3027* Bloom Brightly Sweet Roses/A Dream Of Home E-
498 X C Sacred Quartette Pm 3031 There's No Disappointment In Heaven/Where We'll Never Grow Old V
499 Yerke's Master Saxophonists Pm 20075 Dapper Dan/Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Tucky Home E-

ROCK 'n ROLL 78s
500 Boyd Bennett /Rockets King 1494 My Boy-Flat Top/Banjo Rock And Roll V+
501 Jimmy Bowen Roulette 4001 I'm Stickin' With You/Ever Lovin' Fingers vsld E
502 Bobby Charles Chess 1647 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/Why Can't You V+
503 Sanford Clark Dot 15481 The Fool/Lonesome For A Letter E
504 Lonnie Donegan London 1650 John Henry/Rock Island Line E
505 Dickey Doo /Don'ts Swan 4001 Did You Cry/Click-Clack EE-
506 Jimmy Edwards Mercury 71209 Love Bug Crawl/Honey Lovin' RAB, mb 75 E-
507 “Tennessee” Ernie Ford Cap 3262 Sixteen Tons/You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry tol E-
508 Connie Francis MGM 12490 Eighteen/Faded Orchid E+
509 Connie Francis MGM 12588 Who's Sorry Now/You Were Only Fooling mol V+
510 Elaine Gay Deluxe 2029 Rock Love/Ebony Eyes V+
511 Charlie Grace Cameo 107 Fabulous/Just Lookin' V+
512 Bill Haley /Haley's Comets Essex 321 Crazy Man, Crazy/Whatcha Gonna Do E-
513 Roy Hamilton Epic 9086 Star Of Love/Hurt E-
514 Tab Hunter Dot 15548 Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Ninety-Nine Ways sld V+
515 Brenda Lee De 30050 Jambalaya/Bigelow 6 - 200 tol V+
516 Sal Mineo Epic 9216 Start Movin' (IN My Direction)/Love Affair swol V+
517 Morrison Sisters Deed 1016 Rockin' Boogie Shuffle/Teen Age Guy And Gal V
518 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6357 I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Mystery Train sld, rcnap, mb 50 E-
519 Elvis Presley RCA 20-6643 Anyway You Want Me/Love Me Tender VV+
520 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7000 Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear/Loving You V+
521 Elvis Presley RCA 20-7035 Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice VV+
522 Lloyd Price ABC-Pm 9792 Just Because/Why V++
523 Jimmie Rodgers Roulette 4045 Oh-Oh I'm Falling In Love Again/The Long Hot Summer E
524 Al Smith Falcon 1001 Get Up And Go/One, Two, Cha Cha Cha instrs V
525 Leroy Vandyke Quality 1575 I Fell In Love With A Pony-Tail/Auctioneer Canadian V++
526 Gene Vincent Cap 3450 Be-Bop-A-Lula/Woman Love V+

527 3 Friends Lido 500 Baby I'll Cry/Blanche VV+
528 4 Shades Of Rhythm Swing-Master 13 My Blue Walk/Baby I'm Gone tol V-
529 Banjo Boys Cap 3160 The Shout/Somebody Is Nobody But Me E-
530 Chimes Specialty 555 Tears On My Pillow/Zindy Lou mol V+
531 Counts Dot 1210 My Dear My Darling/She Won't Say Yes vinyl, wldj E+
532 Dominoes Federal 12022 I Can't Escape From You/Sixty-Minute Man V
533 Drifters Atlantic 1187 Drip Drop/Moonlight Bay V+
534 Five Blue Notes Sabre 103 My Gal Is Gone/Ooh Baby mb 25 V+
535 Five Keys Cap 3948 With All My Love/You're For Me sldA, label fadeB E+
536 Four Guys Mercury 70452 Not As A Stranger/Tonight's The Night V+
537 Four Notes Premier 29002 Coffee Five - Doughnuts Five/Jungle Twilight V+/V
538 Heartbeats Hull 711 Crazy For You/Rockin-N-Rollin-N-Rhythm-N-Blues-N- V
539 Highlights Bally 1016 City Of Angels/Listen My Love EE+
540 Holidays King 15216 Apron Strings/Thumbelina wldj V+
541 Honeytones Mercury 70557 Too Bad/Somewhere, Sometime, Someday E-
542 Honeytones Wing 90013 False Alarm/Honeybun Cha Cha E
543 Ink Spots De 18711 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain/Thoughtless EE-
544 Jesters 20th Century 1572/73 It's The Same The Whole World Over/I'm My Own Grandpa E-
545 Johnnie & Joe Chess 1641 I'll Be Spinning/Feel Alright E-
546 Bessie Jones Supertone 9474 Shake It Daddy/I Ain't Givin' Nobody None tol, mb 100 VV+
547 Keytones Old Town 1041 A Fool In Love/Seven Wonders Of The World mb 40 E
548 Midnighters Federal 12243 We'll Never Meet Again/Don't Change Your Pretty Ways sld V+
549 Moonglows Chess 1629 See Saw/When I'm With You V+
550 Penguins Dootone 348 Hey Senorita/Earth Angel V+
551 Rainbows Pilgrim 703 Mary Lee/Evening VV+/V+
552 Ravens National 9035 Ol' Man River/Would You Believe Me E-
553 Rays Argo 1074 Second Fiddle/How Long Must I Wait (For You) V+
554 Sensations/RANDY & THE RAINBOWS Prime 1962/63 Let Me In/DENISE vinyl V++
555 Syncopators National 9095 River Stay Away From My Door/These Are Things I Want To Share With You tol, rare, mb 200 now 100 E
556 Johnny Temple De 7547 Big Leg Woman/Between Midnight And Dawn tol VV+
557 Turbans Herald 458 Let Me Show You/When You Dance V+
558 Billy Ward /Dominoes Liberty 55071 Star Dust/Lucinda E-
559 Billy Ward /Dominoes Liberty 55099 Deep Purple/Do It Again E+

560 Frances Langford Mercury MG 25010 The Moon Was Yellow +3/Blue Moon +3 VG+/VG+
561 Dan Lee Taylor /Soul Twisters Genius Sound Studios (which was a black outfit in East St. Louis) I'm So Tired (3:07) + I Ain't Never Had The Blues (3:16) same two on side B. Only known recordings of this artist from Greenville, MS. He occasionally sat in at black clubs, rarely played for white audiences, His son, Ronnie Guyton played bass with Oliver Sain. mb 500 E
562 Ethel Waters Remington 1025 Cabin In The Sky +3/Am I Blue +3 paper sleeve VG/VG

BLUES, R&B 45s
563 Johnny Burnette Trio Coral 9-61758 Lonesome Train/I Just Found Out mb 300 now 200 E+
564 Johnny Acey Falew 105 Don't Deceive Me/At The Same Time dj VG++
565 Barbara & The Browns XL 1372 You Don't Love Me/If I Can't Run To You I'll Crawl mb 40 now 30 VG++
566 Etoy Bogart Philwood 226 This Maybe The Last Time/Hold Out Until The End slt, rol mb 40 now 30 M-
567 Juke Boy Bonner Blues Unlimited 101 Yakin' In My Plans/Runnin' Shoes VG
568 Clovers Atlantic 977 Hey, Miss Fannie/I Played The Fool yellow, mb 100 now 50 M
569 Confiners Electro 261 Harmonica Boogie/The Toss Bounce sld, stol, superb instrs, plays VG+ or better mb 400 VG to VG+
570 Arthur Crudup RCA 50-0001 Katie May/Boy Friend Blues mb 150 now 100 M-
571 Detroit Jr. U.S.A. 814 Call My Job/The Way I Feel VG
572 K.C. Douglas Blues Connoisseur 1003 Mercury Boogie/You Hear Me Howlin' M-
573 Ray Frazier Excel 111 Turn Me On/Days mb 35 now 20 VG+
574 Bob Freenly Big Boy 41 My Mojo Working/Up In Here Chicago blues,mb100 now 50 VG+
575 Rene Hall /Orch Specialty 618 Twitchy/Flippin' VG++
576 Ben Harper Cenco 120 Red Dress Woman/Drop In To See Me mb 100 now 50 VG+
577 Howlin' Wolf Chess 1575 Evil Is Goin' On/Baby How Long? silvertop, mb 500 now 350 M-
578 Jessie James Shirley Records 112 I Wanna Full Time Love/I Gotta Little Girl mb 100 VG+
579 Ted Jarrett Spar 716 (Let's Twist) Slow And Easy/My Happiness Twist VG+
580 Ray Johnson Acclaim A-1001 After Hours/Castanet Senorita M-
581 Little Willie Littlefield Blues Connoisseur 1010 Willie's Blues/I'll Tell The World I Do VG++
582 Muddy Waters Chess 1827 You Shook Me/Muddy Waters Twist w/ Earl Hooker's band, yellow & orange label VG++
583 Jim Pipkin s /Boss Five Emerge 1108 Mr. C.C. /I'm Just A Lonely Guy mb100 now 50 VG+
584 Rising Sons Col 4-43534 The Devil's Got My Woman/Candy Man wldj, autographed by Taj Mahal and Kevin Kelly, mb 75 now 50 VG++
585 Herb Sadler H & N 10 Soul Guitar/The Gulley mb 75 now 50 VG/VG-
586 Gene Simmons Tupelo 2981 Hop Scotch/Litttle Rag Doll mb 75 now 50 VG++
587 Soul Blenders Vanessa 103 Love Built On A Strong Foundation/Beautiful Illusion soiling, mb 125 now 75 VG
588 Robert Ward Thelma 601 Nobody Does Something For Nothing/Your Love Is Real wldj, mol, mb 100 now 75 M-
589 Lee “Shot” Williams Federal 12522 You're Welcome To The Club/Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me mb 100 now 50 VG

590 Johnny Nace C-A-R-S 10003 The Kind You Find Tonight/Blue Notes rare, includes autographed picture of Nace, mb 100 now 50 M-
591 Lyle Stone Lemco 819 That's About Right/No One By My Side tol VG+
592 Lyle Stone Lemco 854 Courage In The Bottle/What If tol VG+

593 Lena Horne RCA 380 Lena Horne Sings The Blues tol, toc VG+/M-
594 Sal Mineo Epic 27283/27284 Sal Sings VG+/M-

ROCK 'n ROLL 45ss
595 Jerry Ann /Las Vegas Cats Red River 17058 Hello Hello/Go Go Girl this is rare Jesse Thomas, Shreveport, 1965, mb 150 now 100 N-
596 Ray Charles ABC 10244 Hit The Road Jack/The Danger Zone VG+
597 Crickets Br 9-55009 That'll Be The Day/I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love tol VG
598 Crickets Br 9-55072 Think It Over/Fool's Paradise VG-
599 Bob Dylan Col 42856 Blowin' In The Wind/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right red label promo, mb 100 now 50 VG+
600 Bob Dylan Col 75606 Blowin' In The Wind/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right “Special Album Excerpt” wldj, swol, mb 100 now 50 VG+
601 Narvel Felts Mercury 71249 Rocket Ride/Dream World plays better VG
602 Dickie Goodman Mark-X 8009 The Touchables/Martian Melody VG
603 Dennis Herrold Imperial 5482 Make With The Lovin'/Hip Hip Baby mb 200 now 100 VG+
604 Bob Kuban Norman 558 Jerkin' Time/Turn On Your Love Light autographed mol VG
605 Little Richard Modern 1018 Holy Mackeral/Baby, Don't You Want A Man Like Me wldj VG
606 Little Richard Modern 1043 Baby What You Want Me To Do Pt 1 & 2 VG-
607 Sam The Sham /Pharaohs XL 906 Wooly Bully/Ain't Gonna Move mb 350 now 200 VG
608 Rod Willis Chic 1010 Somebody's Been Rocking My Baby/Old Man Mose #ol VG+
609 Henry Wilson Colonial 7778 Are You Ready/It's Really Love mb 200 now 100 M-

610 Demands Clem 7101 Say It Again/Let Me Be Myself, very slt rol, mb 250 now 100 M-
611 Drifters Atlantic 2162 Up On The Roof/Another Night With The Boys VG+
612 Five Blacks B&C 100 Forever In Love/Come On VG+
613 Mystics Laurie 3104 Sunday Kind Of Love/Darling I Know Now VG
614 Prisonaires Sun 191 A Prisoner's Prayers/I Know plays less, now 100 VG++

615 Paramount sleeve #1 mb 50

616 Paramount sleeve #2 mb 50

617 Owl 1 and Owl Multifilter sold only as a pair. "For 78s, there are very few reasonably priced phono stages with the versatility of the Owl unit. Besides precision variable/switchable passive EQ, there is a fantastic dial-in, high slope "notch filter" for the upper mids/highs to literally "snuff out" inherent record wear noise on many discs." mb 900


clix=noise each rev for cracked record
crk=crack, dimension in inches indicates how far in from edge, if no dimension goes all the way to label;
chd=center hole damage;
dh=drill hole
dj=disc jockey/promo copy,
wldj=white label disc jockey;
wlbiodj=wldj with biography;
hc=hairline crack;
illeg=foreign alphabet on label;
lams=lamination cracks,
pot lams=potential lams;
ld=extensive label damage,
s-mld=slight to moderate ld,
sld=slight ld;
vsld=very slight; label damage;
mol=mark on label
nap=not affecting play;
number+ g (i.e. 5g)=number of grooves flk or chip affects play;
os=original sleeve;
pdig=passing dig,
rc=rim chip;
rol=ring on label;
schd=slt center hole damage;
SS=still sealed;
shrink=shrink wrap present but opened;
stog=stain on grooves;
tix = not as loud as "clix"
tol=tag, tape or sticker on label;
wol=writing on lbl, swol= slight;
xol=x on label
U=You, w/=With, R=Are, 2=To